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Web development

Web applications are software programs that are accessable through an internet browser. This is the most common type of software development with businesses. It allows accessability within and outside an organization.

Website Design

New and existing businesses need websites in order to reach their target customer base. Businesses without websites, or an online presence, miss out on a significant portion of their potential cutomer base. Websites can be designed as a one-time fee and hosted where you please, or can be structured to be a monthly reoccuring fee with hosting included, so there is no upfront cost.

Database Development

Databases are a solution to store, access, and analyze your business data. It can be perceived to be similar to a spreadsheet, but much more powerful. Databases can be designed to allow access through spreadsheets, email, or other types of applications like custom software. Databases can unlock analytic potential and are the foundation to automating your office environment and lowering admin costs.

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are the newest trend for a retail business. A large majority of brick and mortar stores are expanding their businesses to e-commerce to help capture the additional customer base that are located outside their community. CE Solutions can develop e-commerce through Shopify and WooCommerce.


CE Solutions offers shared, cloud, dedicated, and VPS hosting packages in both Unix and Windows environments. Hosting packages include web hosting, database hosting, email hosting, and domain name sales.

Office Automation

Office automation can be utilized in almost every office environment. From automating the input on spreadsheets to analyzing data in an email, costs can be reduced somewhere in your business with automation. Pairing custom automation process with a database can fully unlock the savings potential for your business.


A website isn't complete without photography. CE Solutions recommends to every client that a website should be paired with professional photographs from a photographer that knows how to capture beautiful website photography. CE Solutions is partnered with Jo-el Kathrein, with Photography by Jose Amiel, to ensure a high-quality, consistent service.

Desktop Application Development

Desktop application development is software that resides on a Windows PC/server. It differs from web application development, because the desktop application needs to be installed on the PC or server it operates on. Desktop application development is not nearly as popular as it once was, but still has strong roots in industrial environments.