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We are a software development agency driven by innovation, commitment, and curiosity.

About CE Solutions

We aren't a large agency where the personality aspect of business is lost. CE Solutions is a owned and operted by myself, Chase Ernst. I execute and implement all of the software development and design; databse development and design; website design; and any other odds and ends for the website, database, or software project. Photography and graphic design is outsourced to local freelancers, as CE Solutions values shopping local and supporting the local community.

CE Solutions has been devleoping software and designing websites for local businesses since 2015. Our clients are mainly loacted in Hinton, AB, but CE Solutions has a growing number of clients located throughout Alberta.

Our Process

Before creation, there's thinking. Our process is designed to ensure your project needs are met completely.

Before any code is written, we need to ensure that the project requirements are clearly outlined. In-person or remote meetings will be used extensively before project kickoff to ensure that CE Solutions can deliver your required project and that no details are lost along the way. The "Think" step of the project isn't only at the beginning of the project, but throughout the whole project to ensure that the client is kept up to date on development and that both parties are delivering their required portion of the project.


Coffee. Code. Create. The development aspect of the business if the heart of what CE Solutions believes in. Taking your idea and turning it into beautiful, efficient code. The Create step of the process takes the information and details gathered in the initial project meetings and starts to make them real. During the Create step, communication is key. Continuous project updates, testing, and feedback need to be completed to ensure the project will be developed to your company's standards.


The Implementation step of the development process is the final step. Whether your business plans to host on premises or in the cloud, CE Solutions will help setup or provide the appropriate infrastructure to ensure your project is secure and accessible. During the Implementation stage, final project close out duties are completed like training, documentation, and the exchange of final project resources.

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