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CE Solutions offers advertising on our major websites that generate large amounts of traffic. All advertising on our sites is based off of a base price with a varying cost based on the amount of views the ad generates a month. This way you are paying for what you get. At the end of each billing period, CE Solutions provides the unique page view counts and individual viewer information to our client so you and your company can obtain a better understanding of the audience that is being advertised to. Additionally, all ads point towards your site or Facebook page, which in return will generate more traffic to your site and make it easier for a customer to find your company online.

Below are the common advertising locations for our websites that offer advertising services. The darker the color the more noticeable your ad is on the page.

CE Solutions website advertising locations - Hinton, AB

If you are interested in advertising on one of our websites, or just want more information, including prices, please contact us at the email address or phone number below or visit our contact page.

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