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Almost every business requires a website, but most small and medium sized businesses don’t have the I.T. infrastructure to support and host a website themselves. Because of that, CE Solutions offers 3rd party hosting services to better suit your company’s website infrastructure needs.

Web hosting at a basic level is a server that contains the files of your website, and when a user navigates to your website via your domain name, they are directed to the web server which provides the website to the guest on your website. A company cannot have a website without proper web hosting services, whether it is internal or external. All of CE Solutions web hosting services is cloud based and included in the monthly service fee is 100% hosting support. No questions asked.

CE Solutions has several hosting options available to our clients:

Shared Hosting — a server that shares services with multiple websites. This is the cheapest option, and is suitable for a vast majority of our clients.

Database Hosting — cloud hosting of SQL Server and mySQL hosting. This hosting can be obtained independently of web hosting, and is required when a client needs a database, but does not have the I.T. infrastructure to support a local database. When developing a website/web application, the database hosting is included in the price if necessary to the project.

Managed Web Hosting — if you want a website but don’t want to deal with all of the confusing or complex aspects that come with it, or you don’t want to be involved in the maintenance of the site at all, CE Solutions has you covered. For a monthly fee CE Solutions will act as your company’s web master leaving you to run your business and ensure everything runs smooth at ground level.

Dedicated Hosting (VPS) — for a more advanced user that allows full root access of the server. This hosting is generally used when developing a large web application that requires special access to the server itself, not just the hosting services of the server.

All web hosting packages include professional email service and cloud storage. Professional emails are emails that integrate your domain name into the suffix of the email. For example, This helps your organization give a more professional to existing and potential clients.

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