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I.T. and network contracting is vital to most small and medium sized businesses, as most don’t have a dedicated I.T. department. CE Solutions can help you setup a new computer network or help maintain an existing one. In addition to setup and maintenance, CE Solutions offers I.T. and network consulting where we can come in an evaluate your current setup, and make any recommendations if needed.

There are many aspects to a computer network that need to be addressed and maintained, such as servers, printers/PCs, and security. If an organization is self setup, data may be at risk. CE Solutions can help with that. We provide on-site support for your PCs, printers, and servers. We know when there is an issue, that it can be hard to contact someone to come help. CE Solutions wants to take that worry away and be at your service anytime you require our expertise.

When setting up a new network, or purchasing new hardware for your office, CE Solutions can help you acquire appropriate equipment for your operations at the best price possible. We can also help you setup this equipment in whatever fashion you desire.

With hardware comes software. We understand that software can be confusing, complex, and just plain terrible to deal with at times. CE Solutions can help you better understand the software your organization is utilizing to get work done, and if necessary, we can hold group sessions to teach your staff how to use this software.